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Functional & specialised ingredients and materials for bakeries, for bakers, for baking.

Who we are

We are a tightknit, muliti disciplined team, who have come together from all corners of the food industry but ultimately joined together by our passion for all things bakery.

Using our experience, knowledge and imagination, we are able to develop, produce and supply key functional raw materials for bakeries  both large and small.

Our vision is to deliver the same level of service and expertise to the UK market as we do for all our European customers.

Being a compact team, allows Forbake to quickly respond and act effectively to requests and challenges, no matter the location.

Our company

Born out of a passion for baking and coupled with many years of experience of front line food industry development and problem solving. Forbake was formed by a small Polish / Swedish management team.

Setting up operations out of offices based in the centre of Warsaw (Poland), Forbake began its inaugural journey of developing technical ingredients for the Polish bakery sector.

In the ten years since Forbakes initial inception, it has as grown to develop & distribute 100's of functional ingredients to numerous bakeries and food processing facilities across Poland.

One of the key benefits of the small Forbake team, is to be able to work extremely closely with our customer base. Through building up trust and the understanding of our customers capabilities, ensuring that every project is delivered in full co-operation with our customers production, development & technical teams.

Forbake currently supplies 165+ products and continually reviews and adds to our product listings based on customer requirements, market trends, new technologies and changes in food law.

The current Forbake team, is built on a huge range of experiences & diverse roles within the food industry. (New product development, Processing, Quality, Technical, Packaging, Logistics, Production management & Business development).

Forbake is currently working on the next stage of it's development plan, through opening up export operations across Europe and the UK.

Our values

At Forbake, we aim to help our customers be successful within their own business, by supplying high quality functional ingredients & using our experience to create mutually beneficial opportunities that have a long lasting & positive impact for both parties.

We're committed to developing and supplying products and ingredients that are covered under Organic certification as well as Gluten Free & "Clean label" offerings.

We clearly understand that supporting Vegan, Egg Free and Egg reduction developments are key aspects to ensuring that these sectors have the best possible chance to grow and become mainstream product offerings within the bakery world.

Quality & Sustainability

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