The Sweetest Thing...

In addition to helping you create that perfect loaf, we also, offer a range of Jams and fruit fillings.

Due to our strong links with our production partners, not only are we able to offer both thermostable and direct application jams & fillings, but can develop bespoke recipes and functionally unique products from scratch. Meaning you actually can have "Any Jam you want, tomorrow".

Too complete the set of sweet bakery fillings we also offer both thermostable and direct application options of Lemon curd, allowing you to have add a sharp zesty zing to your own sweet creations.

Who does not love Christmas ? the final offering of fruit based fillings is mincemeat. These have been developed with traditional UK recipes with both options for alcohol free or alcohol containing products. We understand that baking functionality is always a key issue therefore we have balanced the starches used to give you the best possible  results at oven exit .

Now everyone has the chance to enjoy Christmas in July....

Jams, Fillings & Fondants

Jams & Fillings -

Wide range of flavours

Natural colours & flavours


Direct application

Buckets / Tanks

Fondants -

Easy application

Clean label

Titanium  Dioxide free

Lemon Curds -


Direct application

Natural colours

Sicilian Lemon oil

Mincemeats -

Non Alcoholic Mincemeat

Alcoholic Mincemeat