That little bit different.

Wheather it's your direct customers, the retailers, influencers or even your internal teams creative vision, trends and market shifts can be difficult to ignore.

Our aim through our specialist product ranges, is to offer you the opportunity to be able to react and respond positively to any niche development projects that you may face.

We supply an extensive range of Organic & Gluten free products which cover many standard ingredient types, allowing for a straight one for one option.

Nothing is simple or easy in the world of bakery, so we have a selection of niche raw materials that might just be what you're searching for.

Please feel free to contact us, with any requirements or development puzzles that you may have.



Speciality Products

Organic -


Whole Egg Powder


Malt Flours & Extracts

Gluten Free -



Malt Extract

Wheat Starch

eGG Replacement -

Blended Proteins

HP Chickpea Flour


Niche products -

Butter Powder

Powdered Caramels

Oat Extract

Liquid Sourdoughs